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Speaking Events, Podcasts & News

by Tony Sakich

Upcoming Events

Introduction to Ethereum, Blockchains and DAOs

Friday, May 27th - 1PM to 2PM

Detroit Startup Week Event
- Location: Masonic Temple (500 Temple St., Detroit, MI 48201)

- Free to attend with registration for Detroit Startup Week. For more information and registration information visit:

Augur 101: When Ethereum Meets Prediction Markets

Wednesday, June 8th - 7PM to 8PM

NYC Ethereum Meetup, New York City

- Speaking with Augur's Joey Krug & Ron Bernstein of InTrade at this NYC Ethereum Meetup event at Rise, Barclay's Incubator in New York City. To RSVP (free) and for more info visit:

Augur at Exponential Finance Innovation Lab

Tuesday, June 7th & Wednesday, June 8th

- Location: Conrad Hotel, New York City, NY

- For more information on the conference visit:

10 Most Innovative Ethereum DApps Series : Augur's Tony Sakich

Wednesday, July 13th - 6:30PM

- Atlanta Ethereum Enthusiasts Meetup

- (Free, RSVP here to attend)

- General Motors IT Innovation Center (2010 Warsaw Road, Atlanta, GA)


I am now a Business Development representative for Vanbex, a professional services firm serving the blockchain industry! The team is fantastic and I'm hoping to help some of these amazing projects I'm in contact with by connecting them with the wider variety of services that Vanbex can provide!

My recent blog titled "Ethereum’s Early Days Differ Greatly From Bitcoin’s Infancy" details the past year since Ethereum's blockchain fully went live. It's no surprise I'm more energized by the Ethereum portion of the Blockchain community, this post goes into a little bit of detail regarding why as well as identifying my favorite thing that's happening in the space.

Back in March I spoke to Mark Smith of the BBC about Augur for a piece on Blockchain Tech. This was something I haven't shared on here so I definitely needed to change that. Check the piece out here.

Videos & Media

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I'm continuing to work with the awesome guys over at The Bitcoin Podcast! At the end of March I was able to join my good friend Cello to talk with MMA fighter Jon Fitch! Jon is one of the coolest fighters on the planet and has no problem calling out the UFC for bullshit business practices while also being the very first MMA fighter to be sponsored by a cryptocurrency! One day after this podcast was released, Jon Fitch beat João Zeferino at WSOF 30 to become the WSOF Welterweight Champion!

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On the most recent episode of The Bitcoin Podcast featuring an interview with Kraken's Jesse Powell, I joined the roundtable discussion to talk about Coinbase and their voyage into Ether, Trezor's addition of Ether as well as chatting with Steven Mckie of Yours about The DAO!

On April 18th I was on Atlanta Business Radio talking about Augur, Ethereum and Blockchain Tech along with Princess Modupe Ozolua (an actual African Princess!) and Sean Henry of Stord! Listen here.

Here's my most recent appearance with David Seaman (of Joe Rogan Podcast fame) from April 27th, 2016:

Here is my first appearance with David Seaman from March 23rd, 2016:

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