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Marketing dApps on Ethereum (Video) & More Updates

by Tony Sakich
Marketing Blockchain & Ethereum dApps (Video)
In my last update, I talked about the great turnout for my "Marketing The Blockchain" talk at Oakland University last week. As promised, I wanted to share the video of the presentation as well as let everyone know that I intend to do another talk that focuses more on the dApp developer community as they are who I originally wanted to speak to the most.
More Coverage of ÐΞVCON1
Ripples from the success of ÐΞVCON1 are still being felt through the community and BraveNewCoin's Nicola Minichiello did an outstanding overview piece titled "ÐΞVCON1 a ‘watershed moment’ for the Ethereum ecosystem" that features quotes from notable attendees and highlights some of the most interesting projects found at the event.
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Two things that I didn't get a chance to share in my last post include video of Imogen Heap (pictured above) on stage with Vinay Gupta, speaking about the use of Ethereum in the music industry. The other was an edited video of Nick Szabo's keynote speech that closed up the most interesting blockchain conference in years. My obsession with IPFS continued when Juan Benet presented on Day 1 of the conference, making the point that many Ethereum dApps are already using IPFS, unfortunately video of this and the rest f Day 1's events are not yet available. These are videos that are must-see for anyone interested in this space and I felt it was important to go back and make sure I at least mentioned them on here!
Ethereum dApps Finally Seen as Equal to Bitcoin
A few weeks ago, I was asked for a quote for an infographic that was being put together on the current state of the bitcoin ecosystem. The infographic it was for was finally released yesterday and it ended up being a really cool feature that I was honored to be a part of. The infographic was a collaboration between Jacob Donnelly of BTC Media/Bitcoin Magazine and my former colleague, James Walpole of BitPay.
Being personally named a top leader in the bitcoin space along with names like Tyler Winklevoss and Stephen Pair, in addition to Augur being highlighted with TigerDirect and Coinbase is a huge honor and something the entire Augur team has worked hard to make happen. Here's a sneak peek of this great infographic, featuring the quote I provided about Ethereum and how I view both Augur and other dApps currently in development.
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Hard to believe that a few short months ago, many in the bitcoin space thought Ethereum would always be Vaporware. This feeling was so prevalent that TechCrunch, the largest outlet for tech-related news, refused to cover anything about the platform, including apps developed on it. Of course, upon Ethereum's Frontier release, this changed as TechCrunch finally acknowledged the project in a piece titled "Vapor No More", one that also was kind enough to mention Augur! Throughout the year many would ask me why Augur was being developed on Ethereum and my answer was exactly what Jack and Joey told me, it was easier to develop on as minor changes didn't create massive problems as they did with Bitcoin.
The headline of this section may not necessarily be true by most everyday users in the community, but the coverage that Ethereum is getting and the level of interest from the financial sector is definitely equal to (and in many ways surpassing) bitcoin. I'm hoping that the video I shared earlier as well as my future work will help this innovative and interesting ecosystem continue to grow in the future.
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